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Better Overhaul Saul podcast – introduction

Better Overhaul Saul podcast – introduction

On April 11 (or thereabouts) we (Ethan Crane & Talia Ripley) will begin a new podcast, Better Overhaul Saul, on season 3 of Netflix’ Better Call Saul. (Yes, our Breaking Bad obsession means we are fixated on only watching series created by Vince Gilligan.) In this short introductory podcast, we discuss why these series have captivated us so and, if you haven’t heard us before, what kind of podcast you can expect.

We’ll try to publish each podcast as soon as possible after broadcast (as soon as possible might mean a couple of days later). You can find a list of all podcast episodes here.

Contact the podcast at betteroverhaulsaulpodcast@ethancrane.com.

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