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October 24th, 2014 4 comments

About this site

A large part of this site was just somewhere to collect the ideas I’ve had on work and careers: on the futility of careers, and finding the work you really want to do. For an brief idea, start here: 10 Pieces of Careers Advice to My Younger Self. Also on here: a free download of my non-fiction ebook The Tyranny of Careers.

When I started it I just wanted to write a counter-argument to the careers advice given to school leavers and graduates, with its single-minded aim of pushing them into a career. In two decades of adult working, even in jobs that were supposed to be ‘good’ jobs, I slowly discovered that the pursuit of a career for an employer did nothing to give me any sort of life satisfaction or self-esteem – and that all the fulfilling activities I did now were nothing to do with paid work. And I’ve tried to work out what I would have liked to have been told when younger that could have lead me to this conclusion much earlier, and put the answers here.

There’s also some of the work that I really like to do, which is writing fiction.

And it is also a collection of various ideas about writing. I was trying to find somewhere to keep these notes that was useful to me and then thought that they might just as well be somewhere public.

There’s also podcasts , the most recent recorded with writer Talia Ripley, Breaking Bad Rehab about the greatest TV of all time that is Breaking Bad, and The Over Analysis about the weird and wonderful Netflix series The OA.

Contact me at: ethan22crane@gmail.com

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