Self-imposed Rules for Rationing of Good Stuff
In a modern time of access to so much information there is a new problem – too much of it is just too good. Too good as in, even if I were to devote all day everyday to reading, watching and experiencing from all the different types of art and entertainment, still I would not get through everything that I liked.

And because there is so much stuff, because there is an urgency to consume, to take it all in, I can no longer enjoy any of it in the same way as when it was scarcer. So what follows are my rules to myself for how to cope with the deluge of high-quality artworks, influences, information and other data out there and available, particularly on the internet:

Do not own internet-connected mobile devices.
No smart phones, just a mobile. No laptop or tablet, just a desktop. This limits internet access to certain times of day.
Write initial ideas in a notebook.
Don’t keep notes anywhere that is internet-connected, to avoid distraction. Transcribing is a useful prompt for further ideas.
Acknowledge the addictive power of the internet.
Take steps to limit your interaction. Self-control on particularly addictive websites is difficult. Instead use Self-Control.
Stick to a process #1: blogging.
(to avoid blogging taking over from current projects) 1. write first draft quickly without editing 2. add links and tags afterwards so as not to interrupt flow 3. edit once 4. publish.
Don’t remain ambiently connected to email.
Close the email tab, only check in twice a day. Same for Facebook, etc. (via
Categorise information into inboxes and streams.
[not just email] inboxes are where stuff mounts up that needs attention (piles of dirty washing, bank statements, only some emails… streams are to be dipped into, and do not need clearing (via)