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Breaking Bad Rehab podcast, episode 21: S03E01 – No Mas

Breaking Bad Rehab podcast, episode 21: S03E01 – No Mas

Ethan and Talia discuss the first episode of Season 3 of Breaking Bad, ‘No Mas’. Including: an over-lengthy and irrelevant wittering about the separation of church and state in US and UK schools; Walt’s unfeeling use of Latin when confessing his meth-dealing to Skylar; and how another minute spent watching bad men walking away from a slow-motion explosion is a minute too many.

You can find an introduction to the Breaking Bad Rehab podcast here. New episodes are published (just about) every other Friday.

As ever, THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE WHOLE SERIES. Do NOT listen if you are watching for the first time, if you haven’t reached the end of the final season. This will ruin your Breaking Bad life. We don’t want to be responsible for that. Come back when you’ve seen it all.

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