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S01E03: Dead Poet’s Society

November 1st, 2020 No comments

Ethan and Talia discuss Peter Weir’s 1989 Dead Poet’s Society. How director Peter Weir captured the natural interactions of schoolboys; we realise that a large number of our favourite films feature Ethan Hawke; and how this film caused Ethan to spend months in India at the age of eighteen.

links to things discussed in this episode
• Reference to the cast living together before filming
Ken Loach told young actor that he has killed the kestrel with whom he had built a relationship
• David Whyte’s poetry is part of the Waking Up app which is paid for but you can here an example of his reading of one of his poems here
• The Rewatchables podcast on Dead Poets Society
• Ethan’s story about Kurtwood Smith watching a family with a father similar to his character comes from trivia on IMDB

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