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The Over Analysis of Netflix The OA, Part 2, Episode 8: Overview

The Over Analysis of Netflix The OA, Part 2, Episode 8: Overview

A UK podcast discussion about the weird and wonderful Netflix series The OA. Each episode is discussed immediately after watching, so we have no idea of where the plot is going and no spoilers for future episodes…

Ethan and Talia discuss Part 2, Episode 8: Overview. Including: the power of dirty jokes to help unearth a submerged dual personality; how no character in this series has learnt a thing about leaving Hap on the floor with a loaded gun; and the spot on accuracy of British medical workers allowing pursuers into their ambulance.

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  1. Marieke
    June 24th, 2019 at 08:55 | #1

    Hello, just finished listening all of the Over Analysis Podcast. Really enjoyed it so thanks for the effort.

    I think there is definitely a S3 but I don’t wanna give any spoilers away since I heard you don’t like that 😉

    One thing I didn’t hear in the last episode review is how what Old Night (that is how he is pronounced in the Dutch subtitles) is showing OA in her NDE on stage is coming true in a way. You see OA in a plane heading to a female figure with short hair what I think is Brit in the other(last scene) dimension. She has to show herself to her because Brit (in the other dimension) will be doubting/denying. Does this make sense? Also I think this is not ‘our’ dimension but one similar like ours. The actress here doesn’t have short hair and is not married to Jason Isaacs (but what Elodie says is true: they are connected in every dimension).

    When Rachel said ‘ Only safe for BBA to go’ I think she meant that she saw the bodies of the other three en knew about Michelle so she knew that only BBA could make it without being uncounscious or dead.

    I don’t know if you do that but I have watched both seasons twice and a lot of ‘connections’ come clear then. Like in S1 Homer listens to his own NDE and hears himself running through the hospital and someone asks him: arey you Dr Roberts? But it isn’t until S2 we actually know that Homers last name is Roberts. Or: Homer has this weird dream about the skin selling woman. That is actually Evelyn, the sherrif’s wife from S1.

    One theory about the brother: I think in season one her brother is Elias Rahim (Riz Ahmed) I even thinks he refers to this when he is in the hotel room. In season two I think it is Karim. In season 3 (who knows) it is Zal (he is the co writer and friend of Brit IRL). I really like this theory 😉

    So that’s my theories, now let’s wait two years for another season?


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